Currently Implemented Quests

Forest Ghost Quest: In the marketplace, work at the trinket shop through the 'find an odd job' option. Eventually (after 10-20 shifts) the grandmother will give you a futanari statue. In the park, walk through the woods at night until you meet a ghost. You will automatically give it a statue and have a choice of getting an additional cock, pussy, pair of testicles, pair of breasts, or longer orgasm time.

Druidic Quest: On the north highway, explore until you get an event with a cart chased by bandits. Choose 'follow the cart' to fight a bandit and get the first quest: return to the highway to hand over 5 basic alchemy ingredients and 5 Reversia Rhemanias, both of which can be bought at the shop. The second quest requires 5 Orcish Potions, either from defeating orcs (I don't recommend this) or by gathering vile vetches and grinding alchemy up to 20 to make the potions. Give them to the spear sisters on the north highway to complete the quest.

Madame Mamrya Questline: On the residential streets, look around until you run into a busty woman. Apologize to her, and if you pass an etiquette roll she will give you a pink vial. In the backwater district, look around until an event triggers to have you follow her; you can now travel from backwater to madame Mamrya's. Also in backwater, look around until thugs extort you, and fight them to get a broken mirror. You can ignore the doorman and continue the main quest, but with some combat skill you can fight him to unlock working as a bouncer, and you can seduce him to get the seduction(oral) special ability for sex challenges. In madame mamrya's, relax until you get a scene with Shandia. Select 'look for Shandia', 'talk to her' (not 'become intimate') and give her the mirror. Select 'fuck Shandia' to start a sex challenge; winning will raise your magic if it is below 20.

Currently WIP Questlines

Forced Female Tranformation Castle


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