NPCs are non-player-characters, fictional people or entities which you can meet, interact with, or have an impact on. Some are nameless but others are more personal and all play a role in immersing you in the world, giving you things to do and actions to take other than items and places.

Interactive Characters Edit

none i guess

Randomly Encountered Edit

(Listed by Place that they are encountered, in no particular order)


Northern Gate Edit

  • Zellis

Residential Streets Edit

Marketplace Edit

Park Edit

  • Orgy
    • Woman and Futa
      • Result?
    • Bukkake Group
      • Masturbation?
      • Arousal -decrease
  • Skinny Dipping
    • Horny Man
      • Say no to the Horny Man (He goes away)
      • Punch him
        • Possible Melee Combat Skill increase
      • "Accept him"
        • Arousal +increase (even if pass Anal Sex Skill challenge) and possible Anal Sex Skill increase
        • Arousal -decrease if pass or Arousal +increase if fail and possible Fucking Sex Skill increase
      • Fuck him
        • Arousal -decrease if pass Fucking Sex Skill
        • Arousal +increase if fail Fucking Sex Skill
    • Pair of Large-Breasted Women
      • Arousal +increase
    • Beautiful Elf
      • Ignore her
      • Kiss her
      • Fuck her
  • Woods
    • The Spirit of Perversion
      • If Given Futanari Trinket:
        • Add a Cock
          • Increases Cum Volume
          • Can Have Multiple Cocks
        • Add a Pussy
          • Can Have Multiple Pussies
        • Add Testicles
          • Can Have Multiple Pairs of Testicles
          • Increases Cum Volume Accordingly
        • Better Orgasms
          • Gain 8 to Penis Orgams Length
          • Gain 15 to Pussy Orgasm Length
        • Add Breasts
          • Can Have Multiple Pairs of Breasts
          • Does Not Increase Milk Volume For Some Reason
      • Arousal -decrease and possible Lust increase

River Edit

  • Fisherman: He looks no older than 25, with spiky black hair and green eyes.
    • No Known Result
  • Wounded Elf
    • Steal from Elf
      • Chance to gain Subterfuge
        • Currently does not award EP even if you succeed
    • Ignore the Elf
    • Help the Elf
      • Transported to Hospital or:
      • Lose 2 FP and 2 Hours Time
  • Wood Nymph
    • Fuck Her(must have a cock)
      • +1 Cock Size with Huge Arousal increase or:
      • Gain Nymph Dew, Medium Arousal increase and get covered in Nymph Cum(-10 Appearance/Lust/Charisma)
    • Ignore Her
    • Drink Her Milk
      • Instantaneous Orgasm, complete with potential Lust gain

Backwater DistrictEdit

  • Street Thugs
    • Fight Them
      • Chance to Gain Broken Mirror item if win
    • Run Away
      • Chance to Increase Athletics Skill
      • Check Failure results in temporary -8 Intelligence and a trip to the Hospital
    • Pay Them 200 EP
  • Pickpocket
    • Chance to Increase Perception Skill
    • Throw a Rock
      • Chance to Increase Ranged Combat Skill
      • Success Nets a Substantial EP Bonus
    • Chase After Him
      • Chance to Increase Athletics
      • Success Nets a Substantial EP Bonus
    • Call For Help
      • Get Laughed At
  • Flower Girl
    • Sells Aqua Sollya for 100EP
  • Top Notch Musicians
    • Temporary +10 Performance

The Great Northen HighwayEdit

  • Orcish Raider At Mile 15 & 45
    • Gain Orcish Potion if win
    • Automatically Drink Orcish Potion if lose
    • Raped by if lose
  • Lone Bandit
    • Nothing except combat experience if win
  • Futabus At Mile 30
    • Submit
      • Futabus Crystal if You Make Her Cum First
      • 10 Points Added to Lust if You Cum First
    • Fight Her
    • Run

Static Characters Edit

Those that add flavor but don't do much besides provide backdrop.

  • Cumin Restaurant Owner/Manager?
  • Pubman Owner/Bartender?
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