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The world of Pornarium is a mystical place and if you know how you can brew potions of wonderous properties and abilities, given you have the right ingredients. Listed below are all current in-game potions, the level of alchemy skill required to make them, and their reagents.

Key: Recipe (Skill Required to make / learn) : {Reagents}[]

Basic Alchemy Ingredients

  • Small Pink vial (5) : {Lactin Lilly}
  • Large Blue Flask (5) : {Small Pink Vial, Reversia Rhemania}
  • Masculin Serum (10) : {Brutanion Bulb}
  • Feminine Serum (10) : {Masculin Serum, Reversia Rhemania}
  • Cliterian Potion (15) : {Sultry Suntan Lotion}
  • Abrasive Gel Soap (15) : {Sultry Suntan Lotion, Reversia Rhemania}
  • Potion of Swelling (20) : {Jizz Leaf}
  • Potion of Arousal (20) : {Potion of Swelling, Reversia Rhemania}
  • Orcish Potion (20): {Vile Vetch}
  • Gynecomorphous Potion (20): {Orcish Potion, Reversia Rehmannia}
  • Aqua Lotion (25): {Aqua Sollya}
  • Small Healing Potion(30): {Helios Hibiscus}
  • Small Energy Potion(30): {Small Healing Potion, Coffee Beans}
  • Amplified Futabus Essence(40): {Futabus Crystal, Amplificatio Alyssum}